Here’s why Latitude is the best way to become a model or actor

Is Latitude Talent Studios the best resource to get started? Here’s the dirt on why a marketing service is the way to start.

talent are number one

So your looking to become a model or actor and you don’t know how to start? There’s a couple of ways. First is to apply to a modeling agency or acting agent. Wait a couple of weeks…. not hearing back? It’s pretty common when starting to not hear from any agent. Why is that? Well because you have no experience.

You can also join a company like Latitude Talent Studios, a marketing company that helps new and aspiring talent get started. As a service, the streamlined process covers test shoots, comp cards and more. You may also get access to Casting Match’s along the way to help build up your experience, all commission free.

You can take your chances along the way to get started but if your really serious, you want to have the most professional tools to start. Check out top agencies in New York here and reach out to Latitude to get the process started here


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