Agency Reviews: 4 Modeling Agencies Ranked

These are some best reviewed agencies in the world.

Latitude Talent Studios

  • Underwraps

The modeling industry requires models to reveal a large amount of skin. Although this might not sit well with several models, they accept it’s a price they must pay to get to the top. One person who has decided to do something about it is Nailah Lymus, an ex-model who was subjected to show skin despite her personal reservations.

Underwrap was created to serve the needs of models who want to model without exposing their bodies. Underwrap is a bold agency that is bringing change in the modeling industry. Their models include Muslim models whose personal believe doesn’t permit them to expose their body. Underwrap is home to women who want to model while modestly dressed.

  • Güerxs

The revolution in the modeling industry is not restricted to America. In Mexico, Güerxs is bringing the street to the red carpet by breaking the glass ceilings. The Mexico City-based modeling agency…

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