Latitude Talent Review

Is Latitude Talent Really the Best Option for Models or Actors?

Is Latitude Talent Really the Best Option for Models or Actors?

Latitude Talent Studios is a marketing service for models and actors. Unlike a modeling agency, Latitude works to connect their talent with the tools and resources to get started in the entertainment community.

A modeling agencies focus is primarily booking work, not developing or helping their talent, that’s why it is so difficult to get signed to an agency. In fact, less than 5% of models are actually signed with a modeling agency.

The commission-free structure at Latitude allows models and actors access to casting call notices both public and private, as well as access to industry grade marketing materials from professional photographs and comp cards. In fact, most of the photographs Latitude contracts shoot with major agencies including DNA Management and Ford Models. Cost effective, transparent, with an emphasis on consumer service is the objective at Latitude.

Is Latitude Talent the Legit Option for Me?

If you are a new talent looking to get started, Latitude an excellent option to get started. Unfortunately, your options are very limited when starting out. You can try your luck at an agency however, many are very selective and want you to come in with a huge portfolio. You can also find casting calls on your own however finding which ones that are legit and the best for your look can be time consuming and hard.

Latitude’s Talent have been connected and booked on projects from network including: HBO, FOX, CBS, Amazon, Netflix and many, many more. Read here on some of their recent casting call notices.

If your desire is building up your experience, getting accessing talent resources, including casting calls, and starting or advancing your portfolio, the answer is yes, Latitude is simply the best option to get started for a new model or actor.

If you are ready to get started, take the first step and apply here.

Want to contact Latitude Talent? Visit their official website here, contact 1-888-293-1704 or email

Latitude can be found on Social Media; check out the Latitude Talent Instagram and Facebook for updated information on their company.


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