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Truth About Modeling and Acting Investment Realities

Modeling and talent agencies regularly hear new models say “If a model agency wants to sign you, they pay for everything”. Shockingly, the buildup encompassing modeling agencies paying for new talent costs is overstated and frequently unrealistic with respect to new models who don’t see how the modeling industry really works.

Its understandable that models have been told “don’t pay an office to sign you” or “don’t pay for a booking” – that is valid. In any case, that is entirely different from putting resources into your own required start-up costs that  include photoshoots, site profiles, composite cards, and so forth. 

Agencies that were eager to back the careers of new models were considerably more common in the 1980’s (the Supermodel phase) than they are today. Now, due to the ease of scouting new talent digitally, their is simply no need for an agency to front the costs of a new talent to start. Why would an agency invest in you if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself?

Modeling agencies discovered that financing the professions of new models was more expensive than beneficial. Numerous agencies lost a huge number of dollars every year when new models were not able satisfy their commitments for an assortment of reasons that were of no blame of the agency itself.

Latitude Talent Studios is different then a modeling agency. Our team works to connect talent of all experience levels with the same grade marketing and opportunities that were once only reserved for the 5% of models that are actually signed.

If you are ready to take the new step, visit Latitude Talent online at

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